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Dear Editor Gingrich & the Fishwrapper staff: Thank you for your marvelous regular publication. By God’s blessed providence, yesterday our family found your wonderful publication when we “just happened” to be visiting the Lancaster area for a few hours and picked up a free copy. What a breath of fresh air is provided in your content! I am placing this first merchandise order with much joy and will be talking with my husband soon about placing a subscription order also. We live some distance away and surely will not find any copies of The Fishwrapper locally and, though I realize you’ve generously made it available on-line, I’m not certain that particular format would be best for us. Thank you again for your wonderful publication and especially your BOLDNESS in addressing head-on some of the extremely non-educational “sports & entertainment” foolishness that is pursued with an amazingly unquestioned blindness within many of (most of?) today’s institutional schools.
-Lark W. Kirk

Just wanted to thank the fishwrapper team for printing something worth reading. We need more “good news”, and christian influence all over……Im a 30 year old mother of two and our whole family enjoys this paper…Thank You!!
-Kate Derstein

I have just recently discovered your newspaper, and I wanted to let you know how very, very much I am enjoying reading it.  It is so uplifting and I especially havde enjoyed the story of Jack the homeless man.  Keep up the
good work, I know at least 3 people on my Christmas shopping list I will be ordering subscriptions for.

Awesome job on the brochures, we are very happy with the way that they turned out.  We really appreciated the flexibility that you granted us with our crazy timeline. Great customer service and great printing.
-Allen, Pequea Storage Sheds

Those [Marble] mugs are VERY nice!
-Nevin, Bowers Sales & Rentals

I wanted to let you and your team know how pleased we are with the Parts Catalog and Price List.  The printing quality and bindery is very impressive!  The final product definitely exceeded our expectations. 
-Chad, Paul B Hardware

The catalog was a huge undertaking for us and likely a fairly large project for you all too.  I really valued that we could depend you for help when we ran into snags.

“I received the Your Choice pens this morning. They look real good. Thanks”
  -Matt, Your Choice Specialties

“ When having lunch at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, I picked up a free copy of the Fishwrapper and was pleasantly surprised with the excellent articles.  My Wife and I reside 60 miles away…looking forward to being able to read your publication twice a month.  Keep up the good work”
-Willet, Macungie PA

“ By the way, We received quite a few calls from the insert ad.”
-Theresia, Fertrell

“Thanks again for making Christmas shopping easy for my dad. He loves it (The Fishwrapper)!! My mom tells me he sits right down, when an issue comes and reads it thru! They save any special issues and pass them on to others. Thanks again for such a neat mailing.”
-Sue, Gains PA

… “Tremendous response from ads, more than any advertising we’ve ever done”
-Silver Line Publishing

“Thank you once again for doing a wonderful job on our Church Calendar! I appreciated you finishing it first thing this morning so that I could pick it up on my day off! Thanks again for noticing the change that needed to be made on the picture page.”
-Hammer Creek Mennonite Church

I have just dropped a subscription form in the mail and can’t wait to begin receiving this delightful paper. Thank you for providing wholesome reading material.”
Carol, Morrisville United Methodist Church

“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your commitment to getting the job done with our challenging project. Your willingness to stand by your work, persevere through some problems, and get the project delivered as soon as possible really goes a long way. I look forward to working with you in the future!”
-Chad, CropCare Equipment

“We received our cards, they were great. Thanks for all your help.”
-Deb, Kirchner Brothers Pest Control

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for the excellent job you did on the catalog! The final product definitely exceeded my expectations. The printing quality is impressive and very professional. We have gotten many positive comments and are looking forward to seeing sales results. I look forward to working with you on future projects. Thanks again for helping this project become a reality.”
-Chad, Paul B Hardware

“Thanks so much for your service! Out of all the places I advertised for my open house, the Fishwrapper generated the most response, The Fishwrapper gets read.”
-Lafaye, East Earl PA

The ad went out on Friday. “As of Monday Morning at 9Am we already had 6 calls from the Fishwrapper ad.”
-Lamar, Glowing Log Cabin

“The New Mover program has been an excellent success so far. We are getting over a 10% response and are pulling many new customers into our store.”
-Chad, Paul B Hardware

“Thank you for a job well done and on time! We are VERY impressed. The quality is awesome.
-Howard, Horst Signs & Truck Lettering

“Thank you for the great job on our yearbooks. Everyone is enjoying them.
-H.I.S. of Pine Grove

“Thank you very much for your service!  It was great and I am pleased with my products!”
-Kathryn, Gordonville PA