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Little Mountain Printing

“I am totally shocked!  We are experiencing very good results with Little Mountain Printing! Thanks…”
 – Benuel King – Nolts Propane Connections, LLC

We have been using Little Mountain Printing as our partner in printed advertisements and mailings for years and they have always done a great job. They have good graphic designers and the final printed product has always met or exceeded our expectations. Thank you!”
– Ebling’s Service Plus

“We have ordered shirts, show tablecloths, banners, and brochures from Little Mountain Printing and everything came in a timely manner and as we ordered them.   We are certainly a satisfied customer.  Probably the most outstanding thing to me was that I could request a product on a certain date and everything always arrived on or before.  A great company to work with.”
– Kurtis Martin

“Excellent service! They were careful and prompt and kept their commitments. We were very pleased with our experience. Great work!”
– Zimmerman Chair

“Little Mountain Printing supports our local business with quality print and promotional material. We really enjoy working with Ben. Top notch professional, courteous, and responsive company to work with.”
– Caleb Stiger

Great quality printing at a fair price.”
– Elmer King

“Great value, great service. Everything you need in a local print shop.”
– Eli Shirk

The Fishwrapper - Advertisers

“We gave the Fishwrapper a shot and were pleasantly surprised to have customers coming in and mentioning they had seen our ad in the Fishwrapper. One gentleman in particular had no idea our store existed, but was happy to find a reputable power equipment store that sold and serviced Honda mowers.”
 – Jose – Bomberger’s

“We greatly enjoy working with The Fishwrapper. We appreciate that it is a local publication published by a very dedicated and friendly staff. Many people seek to read the publication and it’s shelf life is very strong. That holds value to us because it allows us to obtain consistent exposure to our name. Those who read The Fishwrapper value strong integrity and quality work and like to support local business. It reaches those who we want to reach.”
– Crystal High – Rigidply Rafters

“Working with Anthony and the Fishwrapper team has always been a professional and beneficial experience for us.”
– PaulB Hardware

“I operate a waterproofing business and I chose to give The Fishwrapper a try. I am very glad I did. The design team developed a very nice ad for me that really helped express the message I wanted to present. After my ad published I received numerous calls including several that resulted in scheduled jobs. I plan to continue using the Fishwrapper because it was very successful for me.”
– Dwight Fahnestock – Fahnestock Excavating

“The key to making a sale is trust. The Fishwrapper has earned the trust of its readers and advertisers alike, which makes it my favorite advertising venue.”
– Shad Eash – Multimedia Artist at A.B. Martin Roofing Supply

Advertising in the Fishwrapper has helped us reach the customers we were searching for. The results in our first 2 months of advertising exceeded all of my hopeful expectations.”
– Doug Hess – Owner Doug’s Family Pharmacy

“Choosing the Fishwrapper specifically targets our delivery and customer base, for the products and services we offer and supply. The Fishwrapper touches a large portion of our customers, and we appreciate the support we receive from your readers!”
– Steve Smith – Ephrata Agway

“The Fishwrapper is definitely a staple in our community. It’s read and enjoyed by young and old alike! We consistently hear, “We saw your ad in the Fishwrapper.”
 – Jesse Kropf – Dreamland Mattress & Furniture, LLC, Myerstown

“When I think of the Fishwrapper I think of a nice clean magazine wrapped up with little bits of humor that the whole family can read and enjoy! I like the little thought-provoking stories. And I choose to advertise there because I just know that people who pick up and read these type of stories will also make good customers. We have had a lot of feedback from Fishwrapper readers, so we know that it is working from a business standpoint as well.”
– Lee King, Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies, Ronks

“The Fishwrapper has been so easy to work with…we have been very blessed to see an increase in our business from the advertising we are doing. The work that the designers do is just fantastic, and I couldn’t ask for more.”
– Jackie Florio, Family Chiropractic Wellness Center, Lancaster

“We are very pleased with our experience in advertising with The Fishwrapper. The sales and advertising staff were pleasant to work with, accommodated our ad content, and made the process very easy. The ability to advertise in different locations and times worked out great with our free monthly screenings we offer within our medical practice. Cost of advertising is reasonable and paid for itself with having had one patient come to our office as a result of our advertising in The Fishwrapper. Return on investment has been positive!”
 – Erica A., LPN – Vein Center of Lancaster/Lebanon, Dr. Glenn Kline’s office

“We have been so pleased with the results of our advertising efforts in The Fishwrapper. We received you new advertising material and we want to continue with our current plan.”
– Barbara E. Korteling – Director Of Sales, Ladore Camp, Retreat and Conference Center

“I like to advertise with the Fishwrapper because of the communal feeling it provides.  Being a faith-based organization supporting the MCC, both our brand and representing our constituency are paramount.  Due to its reputation within our community, I am confident our values are being represented when we advertise with the Fishwrapper.  Our organization and the Fishwrapper share more than the just the words they print.”
– Dave Young – The Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland

 “As a Volunteer Coordinator who is part of the Activities Dept. I can tell you that many volunteers use the Fishwrapper to read to residents who cannot read. I also know that sometimes an activity assistant will pick a theme and will read Fishwrapper stories related to that theme to residents as part of the regular 10 a.m or 2 p.m. daily activity conducted on each of our 7 floors.  With over 400 residents, so many here who are able to read find the Fishwrapper stories quite comical, inspiring, encouraging, and it helps them pass the time.   All our staff enjoy reading Fishwrapper too!  Thank you for helping to keep our residents happy!”
– Kim K. Skinner, Volunteer Coordinator, Conestoga View Nursing & Rehabilitation

 “Advertising with the Fishwrapper has worked really well for me. I have been advertising with the Fishwapper consistently for several years now and the exposure has been very good. I have received a lot of calls from my ad and it has kept me very busy….
– Troy Weaver Stoney  – Ridge Gutters- Reinholds

“FYI: Out of all the advertising we do, most people name the Fishwrapper as where they’ve heard about an event we’re doing. So thank you!”
– Marla Hoober – Coordinator, Mennonite & Brethren Marriage & Engaged Encounter

The Fishwrapper - Readers

“Thanks again for making Christmas shopping easy for my dad.  He loves it (The Fishwrapper)!!  My mom tells me he sits right down, when an issue comes and reads it thru!  They save any special issues and pass them on to others. Thanks again for such a neat mailing.”
– Sue, Gains PA

I have just dropped a subscription form in the mail and can’t wait to begin receiving this delightful paper.  Thank you for providing wholesome reading material.”
– Carol, Morrisville United Methodist Church

Just wanted to than The Fishwrapper team for printing something worth reading. We need more “good news”, and Christian influence all over…I’m a 30-year old mother of two and our whole family enjoys this paper…Thank You!!!”
– Kate, Fishwrapper Reader