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Stunning Designs

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Little Mountain Printing will help your brand flourish through well-designed:

…and more!

How many opportunities are you missing to grow your sales?

  • Do you have outdated and unattractive print representation?
  • Are you missing key sales tools such as brochures or catalogs?


If so, then you’re losing money. How many customers are passing up your products? Is your brand image consistent and visually appealing?

Not having memorable and visually attractive print is already costing your business. Let’s turn this around together

Little Mountain Printing will help your business thrive

Connect with Customers

Well-designed print coupled with striking photography will capture your customer’s attention and draw them in.

Close More Sales

With the right sales materials, you can visually show how your product or service benefits your customer, making it easier to close more sales.

Grow Your Company

There’s a reason why online companies now use print. In a world of digital fatigue, customers are hungry for a real, tangible connection. By using smart print solutions in your marketing strategy, you’ll show up as a trustworthy brand and your company will grow.

We know your business is capable of more

That’s why we’ve spent the last 28 years equipping thousands of businesses

with the right print that would connect with their customers and grow their sales.

"Recently we needed a rush print job and they exceeded our expectations. They have a good team of graphic designers in house for maximizing your marketing dollars."

Country Sunrise Creamery

"We had our best year yet in business and attribute it to the targeted mailer we did."

Nolt’s Electric Motor Service

How it works:

1. Talk to a Rep

Together we will discuss and identify the right print solutions to connect you with your customers.

2. Design & Print

Our team will design and print the ideal products you need to showcase your business.

3. Make More Sales

From compelling sales literature to effective postcard mailers, you’ll enjoy more sales, more often.

Print makes all the difference

If you’re not using print in your marketing, you’re losing sales. Today’s digital world has left consumers starving for a tangible connection. Print satisfies this need. 

This is why major online retailers, who’ve never used print before, are now finding print gets results. 

Smart print choices, such as business cards, brochures, catalogs, sell sheets and postcard mailers will enable your business to sail above the sea of digital noise. Your sales team will be well-equipped. You’ll establish trust by making a genuine human connection. And your revenue will grow. 

When you buy from Little Mountain Printing, you’re getting a team of skilled designers and printers who know how to craft your print marketing materials so they resonate. We are a print shop for businesses in Lancaster PA, Lebanon County PA, and even all over the United States.

Your business is capable of more. Call today and together we’ll discuss which print solutions will have the largest impact for your bottom line.

How many more customers could you gain through print?

Talk to a rep today.

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