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From brochures and mailers to comprehensive branding and corporate identity, Little Mountain Printing’s graphic design team will elevate your brand – and help you win more business.

Captivating Visuals For Growing Businesses

For more than twenty-five years, Little Mountain Printing has been helping businesses create stunning visuals and compelling print and digital designs to attract and retain more customers.

With a variety of graphic design capabilities and a team that’s worked with some of the most well-known brands and companies in the Central Penn region, we’re Lancaster County’s choice in print and graphic design services.

What creates a brand?

Each element we discuss in the video makes up one piece of the brand identity puzzle, and it’s important to be purposeful in considering each element as you develop your specific brand.

Execute each one correctly and have a solid identity, positive customer perception, and clear messaging that can benefit your business for years to come.

Our Graphic Design, Layout, and Brand Development Capabilities:

Who We Work With

Why Work With
Little Mountain Printing?

Customer Service First

Great design that works for your business means knowing your business.

Our graphic design team works closely with clients to create beautiful, tailored logos, brands, and sales materials that truly align with your vision and your identity. That often means working collaboratively, with multiple rounds of proofs to get exactly what you need, and constant communication to tell your story well – and capture your audience’s attention.

Design-to-Print Done In-House

Little Mountain Printing is a full-service design and printing company, making life not only easier for small and medium-sized businesses, but often more affordable.

With LMP, your design team works seamlessly with your printing team, meaning less hassle, faster service, and a better all-around graphic design and marketing experience.

Unrivaled Experience

Having worked with hundreds of businesses in the 29 years since Little Mountain Printing’s founding, we know a thing or three about what works for businesses when it comes to graphic design.

From mom-and-pop small businesses to large corporations, our team has the depth of experience and marketing expertise to help your business resonate with prospects and flourish.

What It’s Like Working With Little Mountain Printing

Martin’s Quality Eggs

When we set out to refine Martin’s Quality Eggs’ packaging and display materials, we wanted to capture what makes them special in the immense egg market. With a comprehensive look at their brand identity and messaging, we settled on a fresh, bright, and pastoral design that highlights what customers imagine when they look for farm-fresh eggs: a sunny disposition, clear blue skies, and the vibrant green pastures that exemplify Lancaster County. From ready-to-eat hard-boiled egg packaging to the tractor trailers that haul Martin’s egg products nationwide, you’ll see Little Mountain Printing’s work throughout Martin’s branding and promotional materials.


Cherry Hill Cabinetry

Cherry Hill Cabinetry came to us in the infancy of launching their new business, but with the years of experience that customers hope for in a custom cabinet maker. We developed a traditional, elegant look for their logo, business cards, sales materials, and first catalog. Their new identity captures excellence in design and construction with a simple, clean aesthetic that’s easy for prospective customers to understand and browse.

UNI Healthy Living

UNI Services specializes in high-quality natural supplements for people who care deeply about their health. We created a new logo that immediately captures their natural, holistic approach to optimizing wellness, then designed an extensive line of brochures, promotional materials, and twice-yearly catalog for their rapidly growing customer base. Everything is designed to provide a natural, calming, and confidence-boosting look and feel for prospective clients.

Keystone BBQ Supply

Keystone BBQ Supply had a logo and simple design elements but were ready for a refresh. Their final logo and brand identity were the result of a collaborative effort and revision process to understand and refine what their ideal customer looks for: sturdy simplicity that reflects the tradition and history of the great barbecuing craft. We designed everything from the ashes up, including a new logo, business cards, signage, gift cards, product packaging, digital ads, and more.

Lapp Millwright

We helped Lapp Millwright fine-tune their existing logo then jumped into a comprehensive design process for their sales materials and identity. That includes easy-to-understand catalogs and brochures for their B2B sales process, elevated photographs to better illustrate the complex capabilities of their industry-leading products and services, external signage and banners, and even tiny details like decals for their machinery. The final result is a clear, concise depiction of how Lapp Millwright helps businesses do more work more efficiently.

Trailside Custom Meats

We created a new logo for Trailside Custom Meats’ to better reflect the experience and craft that goes into their meat processing services, plus immediately resonate with their rugged, outdoors-oriented client base. That logo led into annual brochure design to accurately (and deliciously) depict the team’s capabilities and product offerings before each hunting season.


We provide all of the graphic design and layout services for your products, and for most print work, we then print them in-house.
We work with companies nationwide and ship materials wherever you need!

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