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We Build Modern Websites Fast.

Frustrated by the sky-high prices for custom websites?

We hear you.

That’s why we began
offering website options. You shouldn’t
feel like you need a Small Business Loan
to get a beautiful and modern website.

The way a website should be:

Mobile Friendly

Delight your customers with a great mobile experience.


Impress new customers through a beautifully built website.

Designed to Convert

Convert more visitors into buyers using proven strategies.

Fast & Secure

Stress less knowing your site is running as it should.

How can you grow your small business with online advertising?

If you’re a small business owner, trying to understand all the advertising options available to you can feel overwhelming. Especially if you’re new to online marketing.

In this short video, we explain the basics of online advertising so you can make a more informed decision.

What our clients are saying:

“Little Mountain has designed our webpage, provided us with promotional gifts, and has printed literature for us. We have always been served well by friendly, knowledgeable staff.”

- Schnupp's Grain Roasting

"With the help of Little Mountain Printing, we went from struggling to find enough work to having more work than we could handle in only a year's time!"

- Top Coat Concrete.

Google & SEO friendly websites

Websites done right.

Our team keeps pace with the latest technology changes, including Google algorithm updates to ensure your site is built with best practices in mind.

Simple Options

Basic Website

A simple website, on a custom domain, designed by experts.

Mid-Range Website

More extensive design work and an expert to write all your content.

Custom Website

Stand head and shoulders above the competition with a completely custom site designed from the ground up.

Don't Overpay For Your Website!

Your website should be affordable. Some website designers have charged businesses outrageous amounts only to end up with an expensive piece of art.

Your website is not something for people to admire but rather a tool that should make you more sales. Sure, some businesses need a highly complex website and Little Mountain Printing can build those.

But most of us can spend less and get better results.

We offer website packages for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofits that are built with best practices in mind, driven by research, aligned with your story and twice as fast to market.

Email Marketing Done Right.

Learn how in our free PDF.

How it works:

1. Get A Quote

Reach out and we'll help you quickly determine which website package is right for you.

LMP_Icon_WebPackage (2)

2. Purchase

After you've bought your new website, we'll move onto photography, content, and design.

3. Grow Your Business Online

We’ll build your website in 2-3 weeks (custom sites taking longer), then we can drive your best customers to your new website through Google Paid Ads & SEO.

Common Questions

Yes, website hosting is $99 per month and includes your website staying fast, secure, if anything breaks, of course we will fix it. And what small business owners really appreciate: unlimited support! Just let us know if you have any small text changes or picture changes and we’ll take care of those for you. We never want you to worry about your website, so we take care of all those nerdy details in the background so you can stay focused on your business. 

A basic or mid-range website may take only a few weeks to build while a fully custom site built from the ground up may take a month. We strive to launch your new website faster than anyone around because we know how important it is to you. 

We offer beautifully customized options built on proven templates starting around $2,499. Fully custom websites (where we build every nook of your site from the ground up) comes with a higher cost and is determined based on the functionality your site needs. 

Get in touch. We’d be delighted to provide a quote.

We do. Please call or email to discuss. 

You sure do! It’s all yours. 

Yes, it’s easy to make updates yourself. You can also send your basic updates (text edits, picture updates) to us and we’ll take care of them for you at no extra cost. 

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