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Our mission is to provide quality advertising and marketing solutions that benefit our customers and neighbors, honoring God and His creation, with a Biblical business model, and a desire for excellence in all we do.

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In addition to printing, promotional, and creative services, Little Mountain Printing is the parent company to The Fishwrapper and a paper stock company.

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The Fishwrapper

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We offer a wide variety of attractive church bulletins with pleasing scenic designs, along with high-quality memorial folders, wedding programs, and funeral bulletins for any traditional community service or ceremony.

What creates a brand?

Each element we discuss in the video makes up one piece of the brand identity puzzle, and it’s important to be purposeful in considering each element as you develop your specific brand.

Execute each one correctly and have a solid identity, positive customer perception, and clear messaging that can benefit your business for years to come.

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Connect with Customers

Well-designed print coupled with striking photography will capture your customer’s attention and draw them in.

Close More Sales

With the right sales materials, you can visually show how your product or service benefits your customer, making it easier to close more sales.

Grow Your Company

There’s a reason why online companies now use print. In a world of digital fatigue, customers are hungry for a real, tangible connection. By using smart print solutions in your marketing strategy, you’ll show up as a trustworthy brand and your company will grow.

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