Direct Mail

Choose from a Targeted, Shared, or Every Door Direct Mailing.

Direct mail is an investment, and should eventually bring a good return if done correctly.

Whether you’re looking to target a specific audience or saturate the area around your business, we have direct mail services available to help you accomplish your marketing goals. Saturating every home in specific areas is the least expensive option per household. However, that approach becomes a waste of money if most homes probably won’t use your services. Typically, you want to focus on a “sweet spot” where 85-100% of those receiving your mail piece could be interested in your products or services.


Be specific with your audience. Target a group of customers or prospects where 85%-100% of these people could be interested in your products or services.

EDDM (Every Door Direct) MAILING

If 85%-100% of the people within a zip code or carrier route are possibly interested in your products or services, a saturation mailing to every door may be the way to go.


Partnering with others to share the cost of direct mail will lower your cost per prospect, but may also lower the exposure and response rates. Share a card or advertise in The Fishwrapper, or other publications for lower advertising rates. If your budget is under $1,000, this could be the most effective way to get your message to the public.

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"Recently we needed a rush print job and they exceeded our expectations. They have a good team of graphic designers in house for maximizing your marketing dollars."

Country Sunrise Creamery

"We had our best year yet in business and attribute it to the targeted mailer we did"

Nolt’s Electric Motor Service

How it works:

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Our team will design and print the ideal products you need to showcase your business.

3. Make More Sales

From compelling sales literature to effective postcard mailers, you’ll enjoy more sales, more often.

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