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Providing Printing Services For Lancaster County Since 1994

Ask any of our sales reps, and they’ll share how they love providing printing services for small businesses in Lancaster County. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong here, and we’ve seen first-hand how print fuels the growth of these bustling businesses.

How Our Print Shop Made A Difference For This Lancaster County Business:

Before we came to Little Mountain Printing, our magazine looked and felt like a newspaper. When we processed it, the ink was all over our hands and the quality of the images and photos were pretty poor due to the kind of paper we were using.

We were frustrated that our readership of so many was getting a piece that was so poor in quality. Little Mountain Printing helped us turn that all around. Now we hear many, many comments about the new look - from companies to the general reader, they love seeing the truck photos in ‘all of their glory’ rather than a smudged, fuzzy, poor-representation of that glory.
Lancaster PA Business TFC Global
TFC Global, Lancaster PA

Printing Services:

Lancaster is filled with a rich diversity of businesses, and they all have different printing needs. We understand you want to work with a print shop that can take care of the small orders, as well as your most complicated projects. Little Mountain Printing can handle it all. 

Here are the most common printing services our customers order:

…and more!

Lancaster Businesses That Rely On Our Print Shop

Why Choose Little Mountain Printing As Your Print Shop?

There are many print shops to choose from in Lancaster County. But few have consistently performed at our level for so many years. 

We’re relentlessly determined to provide you with:

A quick turnaround time

Many of our printing services are completed in only two weeks.

Stand Out Quality

We know your print needs to make an impact. So we’ve invested in some of the best print technology in the industry to help you wow your customers.

Reasonable Pricing

Because we’ve invested in high-end print technology, we’re able to offer our customers pricing that makes their wallets smile.

How it works:

1. Get In Touch

Together we will discuss and identify the right print solutions to connect you with your customers.

2. Design & Print

Our team will design and print the ideal products you need to showcase your business.

3. Make More Sales

From compelling sales literature to effective postcard mailers, you’ll enjoy more sales, more often.

Need Design or Photography too?

Getting the right paper and coatings is only half the battle.

To see a strong ROI from your print projects you’ll want professional design and photography.

Our print shop is staffed with experienced graphic designers who can interpret your vision and bring it to life. We’ve helped farmers sell more milk through new labels, furniture shops have their best sales week through direct mailers, and local stores sell more products through catalogs and brochures.

We’d be honored to help your business too. Reach out today for a free quote.

How many more sales could you make by using our print shop?

Find out by talking to a rep today.

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